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Graphic by Becca Barnes

Graphic by Becca Barnes
      "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl" is the perfect description of me and the extraordinary, adventurous and fun loving women I write about.  The women in my novels are strong, independent country girls, who find themselves in strange predicaments with men, who definitely have the makings of true heroes.

     Some of my favorite things to do are herding cattle in Montana, snowmobiling in Wyoming, gardening and writing romantic suspense novels. Many of my stories stem from a combination of past experiences and a lot of wishful thinking. I've been writing since 1996, but I've been dreaming up wild adventures my whole life. 

    I have been busy working on a new book about a girl from North Dakota, 
a Duke from England and a jewel thief who's caught in the middle and threatens 
their lives and relationship. Sometimes wanting to be noticed can drew more 
attention then you bargained for. 

    I have to admit I would probably write faster if I didn't enjoy the research so much! 
I love reading anything in connection with England, Scotland and Ireland. 

     My trip in July to Montana to help move cattle and brand was a blast. Of course I'm not 
really any help, but I do appreciate that the rancher, Bill and his wonderful family, let me come 
and pretend to help. Every time I visit the ranch I learn a very valuable lessen. This time it was 
that even if you think you've killed the rattle snake with your umbrella, that doesn't necessary 
mean that it is dead. Oh yes, there is a story behind this statement, but I will leave that for 
another time.   

     Hope you and your family have a wonderful summer, and I hope you enjoy reading the short 
synopsis I have posted about each of my published stories. I love hearing from you, so keep the emails coming.  
​  I am also a member of Northern Lights Writers a local Minnesota chapter of Romance Writers of 
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