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JoAnna's Rescue:   Forgiveness opens the door to forever after!

  Architect Jeffrey Thornton worked his way to the top of one of the largest architectural firms not caring who he had to step on to get there. He has no time for romance and doesn't believe in love. However, when he decides to visit his parents for Christmas, a shortcut through the mountains turns his life upside-down and takes him on a ride he'll never forget.

  JoAnna Walker lives a quiet simple life on her farm in northern Wyoming. After a snowstorm she finds herself snowbound with an unconscious, handsome stranger. Deceived by the man she thought loved her and faced with the threat of having to sell all she owns, her only salvation may be seducing the one man she had years ago sworn to hate.

Bearly Christmas Darling:   A short story with a bang-up ending!

  Trisha Thomsen planned a romantic holiday weekend in a cozy cabin with her husband. Romance flies out the window when she's forced to escape when a black bear shows up for dinner. 

  While tracking a rogue black bear, Game Warden, Jason McKnight finds himself looking down the barrel of his rifle at the woman who abandoned him - breaking his heart.

  "Bearly Christmas Darling" is available as a single digital E-Book download, but is also in an anthology book called, "Christmas Wishes 2012" with several other holiday short stories from Melange Books - enjoy them all.

 Freeing Abigail:   The reward of true love is worth the fight!

  Abigail's dreams are destroyed when an automobile accident claims the life of her best friend and leaves Abby emotionally and physically paralyzed. Her hopes of a college education, career and family of her own dies in the accident.

  Abby's new physical therapist turns out to be a tall, sexy, Texan whose career is on the rocks due to his scandalous past and indiscretions. Beau is faced with a challenge when Abby refuses to cooperate. She’s his last chance for a real career, and he’s her last chance for a real life. He revives her hopes and rejuvenates her competitive spirit, but sparks fly when passionate arrogance bashes headlong into frustrated stubbornness. 

  Dr. William Voight reveals Beau’s past which threatens his career and Abby’s recovery. He’s determined to prevent her from recovering and fulfilling her dreams. He has vindictive ambitions that include Abby and the financial security that comes with her.  

Shadow Trail:   A short story of love in the wild!

  An adventurous weekend in the north woods of Minnesota turns terrifying when Crystal Harrington loses sight of the other snowmobiles during a blizzard. Racing to catch up, her sled careens over the side of a steep embankment, threatening her survival. 

Not only is Crystal forced to face the frigid cold and approaching darkness, she’s confronted on the trail by a large wolf and mysterious figure that resembles Sasquatch.

  Rick Saunders, park ranger, responds to the call that a woman is missing. He is haunted by his past and a failed search and rescue. He prays that Shadow appears and leads him to Crystal before tragedy strikes again. 

Catrina's Cowboy:   Experience real ranch life - not just another cowboy book!

  Catrina Pearson accepts an invitation from her estranged maternal grandmother in hopes of learning the identity and truth about the father she never knew and why her mother took that secret to her grave. As a photographer who's traveled the world, Catrina is ready to face any challenges the rugged Utah landscape may throw at her, but she's not prepared to handle the reclusive cowboy who ropes her heart. 

  Betrayed by his heritage and family, Clifford White Fox is determined to purchase the acreage surrounding his ranch and build a private world safe from judgment and emotional intrusion. His lifestyle and hard-won serenity are threatened when he stumbles across a naked woman sunbathing on the last parcel of land he needs to acquire.  

Romance and Mystery under the Northern Lights:  

This is a collection of short stories written by several members of Northern Lights Writers, a chapter of Romance Writers Of America.

My short story in this book, Shadow Trail, can be purchased separately above.     

​A Kindle version of Romance & Mystery is available at Amazon.com. 
A Heartwarming Holiday Story
A short story that will take you on a wild adventure from Thanksgiving to Christmas
A wild Valentines you'll never forget  

Entitled: Romantic Suspense Novel
 ​Release Date of October 31st
Longing for recognition and adventure, and with the prompting from friends and a few bottles of wine, Gwendolyn Johnson buys herself a piece of property in England and the prominent title of Lady. She gets more than she bargained for when she encounters two men, a gentleman and a thief.

  Bramwell Avery Price, the twelfth Duke of Whitethorn’s last job for Scotland Yard is to follow a jewel thief from New York to London. However, when Piers Paxton is taken into custody and the jewels aren’t found, Bram is assigned to investigate the American, tourist, Lady Gwendolyn. 

  When true identities are revealed and Gwen disappears, Bram fears he can’t protect her from a desperate man who has been pushed to the edge.
Link to order coming soon!​