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Works in progress:

Sleigh Bells Ring:  A Christmas story.

      This story takes place on Nicollet Island, on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At eighteen Katie Flynn ran away from home and everything she knew and loved. Now, ten years and a failed marriage later, she is forced to return home when her father suffers a heart attack to take over his one horse sleigh and carriage business for the Holidays. The wedge between her and her father dissolves as she realizes all the years she has wasted and how childish she had been. 

      Afraid she may run again, Alex Carlyle needs to come up with a plan to convince Katie to stay.  But he has a secret that may push Katie further away instead of into his arms.  

Entitled:  A novel.

      Gwen Johnson a 28 year old widow from North Dakota feels she has lived her whole life in the shadows of her family and friends. Needing a change, she buys a seated title of "Lady" and embarks on an adventure that takes her to Great Britain where she's caught between a desperate jewel thief, a secretive Duke and Scotland Yard. 

     Sometimes wanting to be noticed can draw more attention than you bargained for.

     I have to admit I would probably write faster if I didn't enjoy the research so much. I love reading anything in connection with England, Scotland and Ireland.